About Osteopathy


Osteopathy is an alternative and complementary healthcare system that aims to restore and enhance health and function by encouraging freedom and fluidity of the different systems of the body, including the muscles, joints, blood and lymphatic systems, that are all integral to optimal health are performance. 


Treatment is varied depending on the needs of each individual and may include;


  1. Treating muscle knots and adhesion's (stickiness) of muscle fibres.

  2. Increasing blood flow to affected areas to aid healing and recovery.

  3. Moving joints to encourage better movement and blood circulation within the joint to restore function to the the body.

  4. Providing help to the body to identify problem areas (called proprioceptive therapy), so that the body can target healing to a specific area, and to encourage the body to relax and heal.

  5. Other aspects of osteopathic therapy include gently working on the abdominal organs (visceral therapy) to promote an increase in blood circulation and vitality, and

  6. Cranial osteopathy that helps with healing and the release of tension from the nervous system.

HVT (Manipulation of the Joints)

High Velocity Thrusts (HVTs) (joint pops) are sometimes used when necessary by osteopaths to help increase the speed of healing, and to quickly reduce pain. Most often used by chiropractors, this technique was actually first promoted and used by A.T Still the founder of osteopathy and who trained B.J. Palmer the founder of chiropractic.  Osteopaths are highly trained in the use and safety of this technique. There are some differences in the techniques used between osteopaths and chiropractors and used by osteopaths often only as part of a wider treatment plan to promote full and sustained healing. For more information, please get in touch.


Poor posture and environmental factors such as time spent at desks and on chairs, or that come from sleeping habits, driving, sports and hobbies, may place increased stress on the muscles, ligaments and joints of the spine and other joints. This increased stress over time can cause complex changes to the workings of the musculoskeletal system, often leading to muscle and joint pain and dysfunction. Osteopathic treatment helps to remove the stress from the joints and muscles of the body to reduce tension and muscle spasms. Specific treatment can be targeted for long term improvement in posture, and strengthening exercises and advice given maintaining optimal health and function.