New Patient Osteopathic Treatment and Consultation - 
Initial consultation:     Free
First treatment:           £ 49 (Includes examination and treatment - (Aprox 1 Hour)
Home visit:                £ Please Call 
(After assessment of the symptomatic area, tailored treatment includes - 
  • Advanced clinical massageSpinal manipulationJoint mobilisationTrigger point acupuncture
  • Muscular stretchingLymphatic therapy
Returning Patients - Osteopathic Treatment -
Follow up treatments:  £ 39,- (per 40 minute session)
Home visit:                £ Please Call
Continued osteopathic treatment to assess progress and resolve symptoms.
Treatment Discount - 
3 x Osteopathic treatment - £105 (returning patients)
6 x Osteopathic treatment - £185 (returning patients)
Sports Massage with Consultation - £40 (1 hour) - New Patient
Used to help prevent injuries, to prepare the body for athletic activity and maintain optimal condition. Can help athletes recover from workouts and injuries. 
Sports massage works deep into muscles, realigning muscle fibers and connective tissue and may allow for better assimilation of toxins. Regular sessions will increase joint mobility and flexibility, and reduce the risk of injury during exercise.
Sports Massage - £25 - (30 mins) - Returning Patient
A continuation of sports massage treatment to reduce the physical impact of sports stress on the body, and to improve the condition of muscles and joints.
Osteopathic Clinical Massage - £60 -
New and returning patients (1 hour session) - 
Full body treatment: Advanced clinical massage - provided by experienced and qualified osteopathic practitioner. Gentle, effective techniques to relieve stress, release muscle tension and mobilise joints and lymphatic systems. Used for general body conditioning, stress reduction and to keep aches and pains under control.  
Prices are based on stated locations, for locations outside of these areas please call for more information.