Patient Testimonials (Verified 5* Feedback)

I started with Jonathan a few months ago and will never go anywhere else again. I have several issues with back and legs and Jonathan eases my pain and discomfort. He has done acupuncture which is working, deep tissue massage which is absolutely amazing, can be painful but a relieving pain. He also does what the chiropractors do and release the spine of stiffness by cracking the bones, sounds painful but it really isn't. I will continue with my therapy as it works.
He puts you at ease and comfort.

Really impressed and am going back! Thorough consultation and effective treatment. Tim Reedman (Finacial Advisor)

I have received quite a few Osteopathic treatments from dear Jon. He is an excellent practitioner. I feel trusting and safe in his care and my body is open to receive his expert touch and manipulation. I experience him to be both deeply intuitive and confident with his techniques. I am so grateful for his healing hands and would highly recommend anyone to work with him. With best wishes from Shanti Lawrie (Sports massage therapist).

Jon is an amazing practitioner and who I would highly recommend and I will be recommending to all in this area! Not only is he extremely good at what he does but he’s also a lovely person who makes you feel so at ease… have already booked a follow up appointment. One word… brilliant!! (Imogen J.)

Excellent osteopath is Jon. Very good session. Highly recommend it. I booked my follow up session already. My back is well rested today and so relaxed I feel. (Shine)

Incredible. Jon was very informative and extremely skilled. Solved my 3 week shoulder pain in just one hour session. Highly recommend. Molly. L (Paramedic) 

Jonathan is a fantastic osteopath and also offers medical acupuncture too. I went to him after seeing a physio and I wouldn't go back. He's attentive and listens and has really helped me with some troubling issues which are now resolving. I highly recommend him. Top notch! Olivia. S 

I'm undergoing osteopathy treatment with South Coast Osteopathy. I can say that Jon is a very professional and friendly practitioner. He explains everything to me regarding my condition and helped a lot with my knee, and neck pain. I'm doing well after 3 appointments and already report the improvements to my GP. Thanks Jon .
Peter. S (Retired Teacher)

I have been receiving treatment for sciatica with Jonathan, not only is it working but I also enjoy the treatments. Jon used a wide rage of techniques including excellent deep tissue treatment, it feels great to have this done. He seems to be able to find just the right spot and has very strong hands. I have had 3 treatments with two to go, and each week I feel a significant improvement.
Jenny. R (Freelance photographer) 

Just wanted to give some feedback on my recent sessions with South coast osteopathy, which were excellent. I got an appointment within a week and the sessions really made a huge difference. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend.
Mark. E (Mini-Bus Driver)

I recently had a series of treatments for a stubborn neck and shoulder problem that has a habit or returning from time to time. Before the treatment, I was in a lot of discomfort and unable to sleep or move around properly without pain. Now I am pretty much back to normal, and keeping up with the rehab program Jon designed for me, and I hope this will be the key that keeps the pain away for good. 
Deborah. T (Health Care Worker)

I would just like to say that I thought the service I received was excellent, and very beneficial.
I was made to feel like I was important, and not just someone in a cubicle which is the general feeling I usually get. I cant say I "enjoyed" the experience but as they say no pain no gain and now that I have finished my course I feel 95% better. 
Angie. R (Triathlete)

Excellent treatment from Jon. It was mainly aimed at stopping the sciatic pain down my leg and this was successful. However, a little while after the treatment, I started to feel that my whole body had become more pain-free than it had felt for years. I hadn't realised just how much of me ached until the aches had been removed! Jonathon was good at trying different things, depending on what I said, rather than going through any set routine. Highly recommended

Great attentive first treatment (D. Richards)

Improved healing time. Professional approach during testing times of covid 19.