Osteopath - Mr. Jon James (D.O.)

BSc (Hons) Osteopathy; Registered Member of the General Osteopathic Council; Member of Institute Of Osteopathic Medicine, Western Medical Acupuncture Certified Practitioner



As an experienced, caring and passionate Osteopath and the founder of the South Coast Osteopathic Clinic, I enjoy treating and helping patients of all ages and with a range of \pain and health conditions. Graduating from the College of Osteopaths In London in 2016 and working in clinics around the South East before establishing my own practice in 2018.


My aim is to get my patients back to their chosen lifestyle as quickly as possible, using a variety of disciplines and a range of highly refined and skilled techniques. As the sole practitioner at the clinic you will get a mix of treatments including osteopathy, deep tissue massage and medical acupuncture all applied in a targeted and complimentary way by a highly skilled and qualified osteopathic practitioner. 

A long term practitioner of meditation and ki-gong, I also use a wide range of therapeutic and healing techniques. 

I became an Osteopath with the aim of learning how to restore my own health to optimal function, having suffered with a multitude of health and musculoskeletal problems. I now like to pass that knowledge on to help others overcome their own health and pain conditions. If you would like to know more about how I can help you please get in touch.

Resent CPD Courses - 

Osteopaths have to maintain and improve their skills by attending multiple activities and courses each year - Bellow are the most recent courses completed - 

  • Rehabilitation of the Knee - LCOM - CPD Today- London - London Bridge (13.6.19)

  • Applied sports and therapy taping course - LCOM - CPD Today- London - London Bridge (20-21.6.19)

  • Chinese Cupping Therapy - LCOM - CPD Today- London - London Bridge (19.6.18)